Puterea unei priviri

Si a tacerii.

Atacul s-a incheiat, obiectivul a fost cucerit.

Infanteristii isi trag putin sufletul.

Capitanul a condus detasamentul care a eliminat cazemata japoneza care impiedica avansul batalionului, manevrand pe flanc .

Din punctul de comanda situat la cativa kilometri, apare colonelul.

Capitanul paseste in fata lui.

Sir, I’ve a few recommendations for decorations.

Yes. We’II get everything for aII of ’em that we can, but Iater. Meantime, I want you to know I’m personaIIy recommending you for something, John. Perhaps the big one.

Thank you, sir, but I don’t feel…

– Yes, you do, John. Getting it for you wiII be the goddamn problem! But, heII, it’d be a big thing for the battalion and the regiment, if you did get it.

We better move out. We need to extend our Iines, hook up with the other companies and push on to the top.

Would you Iike to take command of Baker Company?

– Of course.

Capitanul isi ia inima-n dinti si spune:

– Sir, I don’t mean to be a wet blanket, but about the water. If we don’t get water…

Colonelul insa nu are timp de “amanunte”.

– Don’t worry about water. John, I don’t want anything to break up this attack of ours now we have the momentum. We’II have some water in a… coupIe of hours. I’ve arranged for that. Now, we just can’t stop now, goddamn it, and wait for it.

– No, sir.

– That’s right.

Capitanul ramane fara vorbe, se uita lung…

– And if some of the men… pass out, why, heII, they’II just have to pass out. AII right.

Capitanul se plimba de pe un picior pe altul si o spune pe bune.

– They could… They could die from it.

Colonelul are insa replica pregatita.

– They could die from enemy fire, too! They’re aII tough boys.

Capitanul se uita si mai lung, isi da seama ca nu-l poate convinge pe nebun.

Colonelul o tine langa.

Come on, men, Iet’s go! You’II see plenty more of those where we’re going! Are we going up this hiII or aren’t we?

John, I’m convinced that the Japanese position can be broken now. AII we have to do is keep going and we’II have this hiII. We’II have this hiII by sundown. You see the spirit in these men? D’you see the new spirit?

WeII, I want to take advantage of that before something happens to sap their strength. To have this battalion relieved in a defeat, or even to have it reinforced from troops from the reserves, if we were to staII before reaching the top, weII,

Jesus Christ, that’s just a heII of a Iot more than I could stand!

I’ve waited aII my Iife for this. I’ve worked, slaved, eaten… oh, untold buckets of shit to have this opportunity!

And I don’t intend to give it up now.

Si atunci capitanul alege sa taca si sa priveasca.

Colonelul incepe sa-i explice, sa verbalizeze.

Sa … constientizeze.

You don’t know what it feels Iike to be passed over. I mean, you’re young. You’re just out of the Academy. You’re, you know, you’ve got your war! This years, this is my first war! John, some day you’II understand.

Capitanul tace si priveste in ochii colonelului.

You’re Iike a son to me, John. You know what my son does? He’s a bait salesman. You’ve done a heII of a job, John. I’m gonna make sure that you get everything, everything that you deserve.

– Thank you, sir.

– God…

Capitanul priveste in continuare si tace.


–  Goddamn it! I want three runners! Get me three runners! You go back to the rear to find water and get back here with it as fast as you can!

We attack in one hour! We’II throw everything we got at ’em. We’re going aII the way! Nothing’II stop us. It’s high ground by nightfaII!

O privire are putere, da.

La fel ca tacerea.


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